About Ukraine NGO Forum

Established in mid-2014 Ukraine NGO Forum is a membership organization that welcomes participation from international and national NGO’s providing humanitarian and recovery assistance in Ukraine. Ukraine NGO Forum is dedicated to both humanitarian and development programming and has the goal to facilitate information sharing, coordination, and advocacy activities in order to enhance the impact and effectiveness of humanitarian and recovery activities in Ukraine.

Mission of Ukraine NGO Forum is a strong NGO platform that is able to contribute to further empowerment of a NGO community that is coherent, respected and well informed, creating synergies within and advocate for civil society in Ukraine to act together and learn from each other to the benefit of its beneficiaries and the society at large.

Ukraine NGO Forum works closely with Ukrainian and international NGO’s, as well non-traditional humanitarian actors, including agencies, departments, and offices of United Nations and the Ukrainian government.

Ukraine NGO Forum  strategic objectives:

  • Facilitate operational-level discussion amongst actors responding to the crisis in Ukraine, including issues related to access, security at the field level, synergies, and duplication, policy matters affecting program implementation, other;
  • Share information as part of open discussion and resolution of issues affecting agencies’ ability to respond, including registration, legislation, coordination, funding;
  • Build capacity of international and national NGOs through various seminars and workshops;
  • Advocate on behalf of the NGO community on agreed strategic and urgent issues related to humanitarian action.

Ukraine NGO Forum core values:

Every Ukraine NGO Forum member organization is expected to operate on the basis of fundamental principles, which make successful operation and cooperation possible.

  • Fundamental to the very character of each NGO is that it be not-for-profit, nongovernmental, organized, independent and self-governing.
  • Members believe that respect, cooperation and common action with other civil society organizations are beneficial for advancing their mutual mission-related objectives, as collaboration for the common good may reduce the duplication of services, enhance advocacy, allow for the pairing of diverse strengths and resources, and promote efficiency in tackling priorities.
  • Members operate in a transparent, honest, and non-corrupt manner and are accountable for their actions and decisions, not only to funding agencies and the government, but to the people they serve, staff and members, partner organizations, and the public at large.
  • Members recognize that their activities impact upon the perception of the NGO Forum and its members.
  • Members shall not exploit or misrepresent their membership for personal or organizational gain.

About Ukraine NGO Forum achievements for the first 2,5 years, you can read here.


Ukraine NGO Forum secretariat

16 Mykhailivska str., office 8
Kyiv, Ukraine, 01001

E-mail: info@ngoforum.org.ua