Ukraine NGO Forum membership will provide you such benefits and privileges as:

✔ possibility to request for needed trainings/learning/consultations for your NGO
✔ preferences in application and selection process for NGO Forum program activities
✔ responsible coordination and joint advocacy efforts
✔ possibility to order and being involved in specific assessments and research studies
✔ analyses and advice on registration, laws, documents, and regulations
✔ free translation services of legal and financial documentation, assessments, training materials
✔ participation in HR/Finance/Admin/Advocacy working groups, coordination meetings
✔ information dissemination through Ukraine NGO Forum communications channels: web page, social media, traditional media, face-to-face communication with donors and opinion makers
✔ right of voice and vote at the general coordination meetings, as well as the opportunity to be elected to serve in the Steering Committee
✔ representation in Humanitarian Country Team, Inter-Cluster Coordination Group, Humanitarian Communications Sub-Group
✔ free meeting conference facility
✔ networking and new partnerships

In order to be considered for membership in Ukraine NGO Forum, organizations are required to:

  1. Be a non-government organization (NGO), which is non-for-profit, not for proselytizing, works beyond the borders of politics, religion, culture and ethnicity, and is not aligned with any political party or per-limitary organizations inside or outside the country.howtobecomeamember
  2. Be legally registered, or in the process of registering within territory of Ukraine (provide supporting documents).
  3. Have an office or representative inside the country.
  4. Be committed to active and regular participation, support and exercising its vote in working groups and meetings of the Ukraine NGO Forum. Be willing to share information with members and actively participate to promote the vision, mission and mandate of the Ukraine NGO Forum.
  5. Accurately pay membership fees on the basis prescribed, to the amount set by the Steering Committee. The initial 6 months of membership are free of charge, after that: for INGOs the fee for 1 year equals $500 and for 6 months – $300, for NNGOs — the fee is $74 for 1 year and $50 for 6 months. The date of joining Ukraine NGO Forum is considered when organization was voted by the members of the General Ukraine NGO Forum meeting. The fees are paid in UAH according to the NBU currency rate on the date of payment.
  6. The member organization shall make available the names of its governing body, such as the steering committee or executive staff, and publicize any changes in its governing board.
  7. Adhere to international humanitarian and human rights standards.
  8. Accept, sign and adhere to the Ukraine NGO Forum Core Values.

👆 Intergovernmental organizations, businesses, NGOs without a full-time presence in Ukraine, or for-profit NGOs cannot become a member of Ukraine NGO Forum, but can, on a case-by-case basis, participate in the events organized by Ukraine NGO Forum.


Organizations fulfilling the above criteria will then need to provide the following documents:

  1. In order to become a Ukraine NGO Forum member, please fill in online application form.
  2. Sign the Ukraine NGO Forum Core Values as well the application letter.
  3. Additional necessary documents:

✎ Legal registration: A copy of the I/NGO’s legal registration in Ukraine, or evidence that registration is in process
✎ Governance documentation: A copy of the I/NGO’s written constitution/statue that clearly defines the N/INGO’s mission, objectives and organizational structure, including board and executive
✎ Financial statement (annual audit or tax report) to show viability of the entity
✎ Annual organizational report/description of activities

4. Be approved by Ukraine NGO Forum members through a majority vote at a regular Ukraine NGO Forum meeting upon recommendation by the Ukraine NGO Forum Steering Committee.

Ukraine NGO Forum Terms of Reference

For any questions or clarifications contact
Olena Vlasiuk (