Apply for a Sphere Training of Trainers (TOT) course

Ukraine NGO Forum, as a focal point of the Sphere Project in Ukraine, strongly encourages to apply for a Sphere Training of Trainers course which will be held on November 21-25, 2016 (5 full days) in Kyiv, supported by USAID and DRC. Ukraine NGO Forum covers all travel and accommodation expenses for participants from Ukraine.

This course is for people who train or manage to learn in the humanitarian sector. Priority is given to individuals with responsibility for training/learning within their job. Particular consideration is also given to people who would be in a position to significantly disseminate the Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards.

The course aims to prepare individuals to promote learning on applying the Sphere Handbook (entitled: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response), as a tool for improving the quality and accountability of humanitarian action, through sharing experiences and practicing.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explore how to apply the Sphere Handbook as a tool for disaster response
  • Describe the structure and content of the Sphere Handbook
  • Explore the links between the Humanitarian Charter and humanitarian action
  • State the principles of adult learning and apply them to designing and running a Sphere learning event
  • Define content, and write aims and objectives for Sphere training workshops
  • Demonstrate a range of training and facilitation skills
  • Prepare for running a Sphere learning event in the field or for your organization
  • Devise tools and techniques for assessing learning needs and for evaluating training.

The OBJECTIVE of this training IS NOT to thoroughly study the content of The Sphere Project or its Handbook since participants are expected to have a good knowledge of and/or practical experience in Sphere before the start of the course.

We encourage effective learning and retention with a participant-led methodology. Each participant will deliver two training sessions: one short practice training session on their own, and one longer practice training session as part of a team. Some preparation time will be set aside during the course of the team training session. Video filming and constructive feedback will be the key to developing personal training and facilitation skills, in a safe environment.

Methods will honor different learning preferences and include facilitated discussions, brainstorms, quizzes, case studies, individual study, role plays, free reflection time, guest speakers, syndicate work and plenty of hands-on practice. A pre-course assignment will be given.

The agenda:

  • Sphere content sessions modeled by the training team
  • Participant-led sessions that use the Sphere training modules and technical chapters of the Sphere Handbook
  • Principles and methods of adult learning, training and facilitation skills, assessing learning needs and practical tips on running learning events.

Selection process:
We strive to have a diversified group of participants balancing gender, organizational and geographical representation. Participant selection is based on next criteria:

  • The candidate’s profile, examined through the application form and based on the requirements mentioned below
  • Potential of the applicant’s organizations for further use and promotion of Sphere
  • Clear plan for future defined training/learning activities on Sphere to be implemented in the 6-12 coming months after the end of the course
  • Support of applicant from its supervisor or organization director by submitting a letter of endorsement explaining how the organization will support the applicant in the use and future implementation of what he/she has learned in training.

Additionally, selected applicants should have:

  • A regular training/learning function within their job, solid communication and presentation skills, strong training and facilitation skills
  • Experience in field operations in response to disasters or humanitarian assistance
  • Know the Sphere Project and its Handbook, and/or have practical experience in its use in humanitarian assistance
    • Proficiency in the language the course is delivered English is a must; multilingual ability is a plus.

Please note that given the limited number of participant slots selection is usually one candidate per organization. However, there may be exceptions depending on the range of applicants who meet the criteria for participation.

The Ukraine NGO Forum reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to select the participants for the course among the applicants and places can not be guaranteed.

To apply: fill in the form.
Participation is restricted to humanitarian professionals responding to the crisis in Ukraine.
The deadline for application: August, 29th, 2016
All applicants will be informed about the decision by September, 5th, 2016

For any information, please write to