Apply for a burnout prevention training for NGOs!

On October, 31st – November, 1st, 2016, Ukraine NGO Forum conducts burnout prevention training session for professionals working for NGOs involved in the fight with aftermaths of conflict in the eastern Ukraine. Supported by ECHO and GOAL.

For more than two years of the humanitarian crisis in the eastern Ukraine, local and international NGOs, volunteers and initiative groups continue to provide support to the conflict-affected population. It is very important to understand that efficient humanitarian assistance can be provided only by specialists who possess the skills of overcoming the effects of daily traumatization, burnout and stress.

Ukraine NGO Forum invites NGO specialists, working directly with beneficiaries at least for 1 year in the East of Ukraine, and who did not attend similar events within the last 6 months, to apply for the session.

The training session will be held in Russian and take place in Sviatogorsk (Donetsk region). Accommodation, food and travel costs are paid by the organizers.

During the two-day work participants will:

  • identify the causes of negative changes in the world of feelings, emotions, behavior
  • get to know about reasons, factors and symptoms of the professional burnout
  • actualize forgotten resources
  • discuss the psychological trauma in children and adults
  • carry out an audit of the total charge of energy and define the “leakage” zone
  • learn how to quickly and efficiently recover from stress, trauma
  • develop firmness in dealing with the “conflict” beneficiaries

During the training session, active work, passive recreation, art therapy and many others are expected.

Trainer: Yuriy Lutsenko, a psychologist, psycho-drama-therapist, trauma-therepist, researcher of the Ukrainian scientific-methodical center of practical psychology and social work, an expert on psychosocial support of the Danish Refugee Council in Ukraine, a member of the Association of Ukrainian practical psychologists.

To apply: please fill in the form till October, 19th, 2016. Please note, the number of participants is limited.