Apply for a training “Communications with media for humanitarian NGOs. Conflict-sensitive communications”

Ukraine NGO Forum and Internews call to apply for a one-day training “Communications with media for humanitarian organizations. Conflict-sensitive communications”. Supported by ECHO and GOAL.

The training will take place on December, 6th, 2016, from 10:00 till 18:00 in Kyiv.
Ukraine NGO Forum will cover travel costs for the participants.

The training is specially designed for the communications specialists working for the humanitarian NGOs who need to improve their knowledge and skills in media relations and conflict-sensitive communications.

The training will be conducted by Valentina Kuzyk (Humanitarian Liaison Officer, Internews) and Andrii Yurychko (conflict-sensitive journalism and communications trainer). Also participants will have a session of questions and answers with an experienced Ukrainian journalist.

During the training course participants will learn:

  • Current state of media market: what media products people consume now
  • Communication channels: what to choose according to recent studies
  • What are media consumers and journalists expectations
  • Causes of the conflict. Why escalation is dangerous? Various approaches to conflicts
  • Ways to resolve a conflict and build trust
  • How to avoid stereotypes and misconceptions
  • How to deal with people affected by a conflict

Practical parts of the training will pay attention to writing announcements and press releases for media, production of photos, press tours organizing, as well as dealing with stereotypes and conflict resolution.

To apply: please fill in the application form before November, 17th, 2016.