Building for the future: A holistic approach toward the empowerment of civil society in the Donbas region (1 January 2017 – 31 March, 2017)

With financial support of The British Embassy in Kyiv within 4 months:

  • 18 training programs for more than 400 employees (number of applicants the same time was more than 1,000 people) from 151 NGOs in the Donbas on the following topics

? Conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding
? NGOs governance and ethical standards (HR policies, ethical standards, procedures on burnout prevention, etc)
? Strategic planning (including social services, social enterprise) and  fundraising
? Coordination and communication (including targeting, communication with communities and media, transparency and accountability)
?IT and safety of NGO staff
? finance and HR management

  • NGO hub in Kramatorsk was established as the service place for various volunteer and civil society initiatives in Donetsk oblast
  • 2 strategic sessions for the NGO coalitions
  • an assessment of the mind-set and identity of 1300 GCA/NGCA residents of Luhansk region was conducted
  • mapping web portal more than 200 NGOs active currently in Donetsk, Luhansk GCA and  NGCA was developed