Burn-out assessment tender

NGO Forum

08 Dec 2016


Ukraine NGO Forum invites qualified individuals, research groups or organizations to submit proposals to conduct Burn-out assessment among humanitarian workers in Ukraine. Proposed research will be conducted with support of OFDA and DRC/DDG.

1.  Background and rationale
For more than 2 years the military conflict continues in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast’ by dividing territory of Ukraine, displacing more than 1,5 million people and leaving other people without access to basic needs such as water, shelter, health care and social protection.

National and international NGOs including initiative groups and volunteers became first, second and third in supporting conflict affected population at the emergency and early recovery stages. Local NGOs, volunteers and initiative groups were those who have reached people in the basements and bomb-shelters, in the closest to contact line villages with essential food, water, hygiene means, medicines, social and legal support, very often by risking their own lives.

Humanitarian work is physically and emotionally demanding, and many humanitarian workers struggle to find a healthy balance between the demands of the work and the need to pay some attention to their own well-being. In order to address difficulties and possible negative effects of the prolonged stress and burn-out experienced by humanitarian workers in Ukraine the Ukraine NGO Forum will conduct a baseline assessment.

 2. Audience and use of findings

Research finding will be primarily used by the NGO community in Ukraine, in address common concerns.

The findings of the assessment will be widely disseminated among all interested stakeholders and serve as a baseline for promoting burn-out prevention at the workplace as well as extensive burn out training programs for national and international NGO staff.

3. Research objectives

  • Analyze and prepare a short overview of existing research and assessments on the topic of burn-out among humanitarian aid workers on national and international levels
  • Conduct general assessment of signs of burn-out among primarily NGO staff
  • Analyze and compare levels of burn-out of humanitarian aid workers of different levels among national NGOs, international NGOs and government social services
  • Assess how different organizations address the issue of burn-out among their employees and how it relates to the level of burn-out of their employees
  • Collect best practice and provide recommendations for NGOs on how to implement burn-out prevention activities in Ukrainian context

4. Timeframe

The assessment to be concluded within a 3 months period but no later than March, 31st, 2016.

5. Terms and conditions

All interested consultants or organizations should submit their proposals to okosenko@ngoforum.org.ua, including such documents:

  • Short overview of assessment design and methods
  • Assessment timeline
  • CVs of proposed research team members
  • Overall budget

Deadline for submitting proposals: December, 20th, 2016.

In case of any questions please call Oksana Kosenko (+38 095 366-38-44).

Term of reference Burn-out assessment (pdf)