Call for participation in study tours with the aim of an exchange of experience for NGOs

Ukraine NGO Forum starts call for applicants to participate in NGOs study tours with the aim of an exchange of experience for NGOs in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro oblasts. The study tours are realized with the support of the British Embassy Kyiv.


  • Building capacity of Ukrainian NGOs that respond to the consequences of the armed conflict in the east of Ukraine;
  • Promote effective participation of NGOs in a strategic dialogue on issues related to IDPs and conflict affected population.
  • Support NGOs in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro oblasts to increase their capacity, competence and qualification.


Study tours are developed for groups of NGOs to selected by them NGO(s) located in Ukraine aiming to learn such, but not limited to, organizational processes as: developing organizational vision as well as its implementation plan, organizational structure, HR/finance management, project and program management, external communications, building partnerships and other areas determined by participating NGO groups. All the expenses connected with travel, accommodation, food and other study tour related expenses will be covered by NGO Forum Ukraine.

There are 2 stages of the study tours:

Stage of application (July – August 2017)

To apply for the study tour groups of two or more NGOs would need to fulfill next preparatory steps:

  1. Define one or more NGOs located in Ukraine based on organizational processes which they want to increase their qualification in through the study tour.
  2. Contact selected NGO(s) requesting to conduct a study tour and receive a letter of confirmation (template can be accessed via this links: in Ukrainian –, in English –
  3. Develop study tour schedule, mentioning topics and activities that are going to take place during the study tour.
  4. Calculate a budget of the study tour going from summarized costs on travel, accommodation and food for all the participants of the group during study tours. [The Budget per one NGOs group shall not accede 35’000 UAH in total]
  5. Fill in online form with detailed information about NGOs applying, list of participants from NGOs, hosting NGO(s), schedule and budget of the study tour.  

Stage of realization (September – December, 2017)

  1. Each group of NGOs selected for study tours, would need to sign an official agreement with Ukraine NGO Forum.
  2. When agreement is signed NGOs will be able to start preparation for their planed study tours.
  3. During this stage Ukraine NGO Forum is going to have constant communication with participants and will visit several study tours.
  4. Two weeks after the study tour is fulfilled, groups of participants would need to send a detailed report about the study tour and provide own assessment of its effectiveness.


  • Application for the study tour should be filled in on behalf of group of NGOs: two or more NGOs, which want to go for a study tour together.
  • NGOs that are officially registered in Ukraine and/or implement projects in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia or Dnipropetrovsk oblasts.
  • Work of NGOs needs to tackles consequences of the conflict in the east of Ukraine.
  • Are interested in strengthening own organizational capacity and in case of being selected are ready to grant their participation in a study tour.


To participate in the study tour, please, fill in the online form until August 15th, 2017.

Please, address additional question to Ivan Syrovatko,, indicating the subject of the email “NGOs study tours”.


Selected participants will be notified by 31st of August, 2017. Participants will be selected according to quality of application and criteria established by Ukraine NGO Forum. Ukraine NGO Forum reserves a right to refuse not eligible candidates without further explanation. Good luck!