Capacity building needs assessment among NGOs

NGO Forum

15 Aug 2017


Ukraine NGO Forum invites qualified research groups or organizations to submit proposals to conduct Capacity building needs assessment (CNA) among Ukrainian NGOs. Proposed research will be conducted with support of British Embassy in Kyiv.



The armed conflict started in eastern Ukraine in April 2014 continues to be active, triggering humanitarian needs, claiming lives and resulting in damage to critical civilian infrastructure. More than 2 years of crisis have weakened people’s ability to cope. Protracted displacement is a challenge and lack of livelihood opportunities forces some IDPs to return to insecure areas. An estimated 3.8 million people in Eastern Ukraine are in need of humanitarian assistance, and their protection remains a key concern.

National and international NGOs have worked together since the beginning of the crisis to deliver life-saving assistance and protection across Ukraine. NGOs and civil society organizations play a key role in many operations. They will continue to be the main stakeholders in Ukraine’s development for many years to come. Through heightened engagement, their experience and expertise will be further consolidated to enhance resource and cost effectiveness within humanitarian, peace building and recovery activities.

The mission of Ukraine NGO Forum is to provide a strong platform that is able to contribute to further empowerment of a NGO community that is coherent, respected and well informed, creating synergies within and advocate for civil society in Ukraine to act together and learn from each other to the benefit of its beneficiaries and the society at large.

In line with Ukraine NGO Forum’s strategy, we are conducting this research to better understand the capacity building needs of NGOs that are working with consequences of conflict. This assessment will be complementary to the previous research conducted by the Forum.



Research findings are to be used by various stakeholders on different levels including:

  • NGO community in Ukraine
  • Government institutions
  • International community
  • Donor community

The findings of this assessment will be widely disseminated among all interested stakeholders. Furthermore, the results and recommendations of the research will serve as a base for ongoing capacity building activities implemented by Ukraine NGO Forum for national and international NGOs.



The overall objective of the consultancy is to conduct a comprehensive capacity building needs assessment among Ukrainian NGOs in 5 regions (Zaporizhzhia, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk and Luhansk) to identify areas for organizational improvement to achieve sustainable results. The expected results should be well defined as it determines the purpose and direction of the future capacity building efforts.

The research team should conduct the needs assessment using a methodology developed in partnership with Ukraine NGO Forum team. The assessment could, for example be built around self-assessment processes, analysis of existing documents as well as broad consultation to help validate, expand and improve the range of information collected.

The capacity assessment framework should recognize the multiple dimensions of capacity. This approach ensures that capacity building should go beyond individual capacity (relevant skills and abilities) to include organizational capacity (governance, structures, processes, etc.) as well as the broader context and environment within which the organization functions.  For example analysis of coordination networks and approach to building partnerships on field and national levels, existing level of organizational independence as well as technical capacities of staff.



Research methods could include a mix of the following:

  • Analysis of existing documents and individual organizational assessments conducted by the Forum using INTRAC methodology;
  • In depth interviews with NGO managers and directors;
  • Focus groups with key experts in the field of NGO development and consulting;



The final outputs must include:

  • Cleaned and fully referenced electronic data sets in an format .SAV with copies of the original data collection forms in Ukrainian;
  • Full transcripts of all in-depth interviews and/or focus group discussions in an electronic format in Ukrainian;
  • presentation of main findings and results at stakeholder meeting in Kyiv;
  • A comprehensive final report should be produced in Ukrainian;
  • Up to 12 page illustrated summary document in Ukrainian or English, suitable for general consumption and for posting on websites.


All outputs will be presented sequentially in framework, draft and final forms, allowing time for NGO Forum experts to make comments on each version. The research team will incorporate comments to the extent possible or as agreed otherwise with Ukraine NGO Forum.



The assessment is to be concluded within 3 months period but no later than January10st, 2018.



The research must be conducted in accordance with the Code of professional ethics approved by Sociological Association of Ukraine on May 20th, 2004.


  • Advanced degrees in development studies, social sciences or related disciplines;
  • A deep understanding of Ukrainian NGO sector developmental issues;
  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in conducting organizational capacity needs assessments, experience with self-assessment processes will be an advantage;
  • At least 5 years of experience working in organizational development, capacity building in the specified area;
  • Excellent writing and communication skills in Ukrainian;
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and work in diverse environment.



All interested research teams or organizations should submit their proposals with:

  • Short overview of assessment design and methods
  • Assessment timeline
  • CVs of proposed research team members
  • Overall budget

Please submit your proposals to by September 10th, 2017.