Capacity Building Program for 30 NGOs was ensured

Since November 2016 until the end of March 2017, Ukraine NGO Forum carried out the Capacity Building Program for NGOs. Program was funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Canada.

The objective was to ensure sustainability and high performance of selected 30 NGOs through following activities:

? providing knowledge for understanding the trends of NGO after humanitarian funding

?  developing of the workable plans for further development

?  counselling on work process reformatting and establishing of the new projects for the people in need

The programme consisted of two main components: theoretical seminar and series of practical workshops. In order to improve basic knowledge about the implementation of recovery programs and post-humanitarian period in the context of Ukraine, to help with the development of individual strategies, share best Ukrainian and international practices for the management of NGOs supporting SMEs, women empowering and peace building, number of different events were conducted.

To find out more about what we manage to do within half of a year we suggest you read infographic below (only in Ukrainian):