Improving communication with media of I/NGOs

Ukraine NGO Forum conducted capacity building needs assessment among 84 Ukrainian NGOs, according to which more than 38% of respondents expressed the need for training on communication with Media.

With the support of ECHO and USAID, Ukraine NGO Forum has conducted a series of training on media communication for I/NGOs. The covered topics include:

  • Why should NGOs and activists contribute to communication?
  • How to deliver successful PowerPoint presentation?
  • How to get into TV? Interview-stand-up on a given topic
  • Newspapers about us. Practice writing a short press release.
  • Social networks possibilities for NGOs.

These trainings are in high demand and received positive feedback from more than 85% of participants.

Trainer – Andriy Andrushkiv, Project Manager of “CENTRE UA” PO. (“Center UA” – is an NGO, that serves as a platform for public initiatives Chesno (Honestly), Stop Cenzuri (Stop the Censorship), Dostup do Pravdy (Access to the Truth), Sylni Gromady Donechchyny (Powerful Communities of Donetsk region)). In collaboration with the team, Centre UA has been implementing communication support of the most powerful expert and public initiative – “Recovery Package of Reforms” for almost two years acting as Communication Manager.