Introducing NGO Forum Action Plan for 2019

VISION: Transform the lives of the conflict-affected, with a robust civil society as a powerful force for change.

MISSION: Alleviate human suffering and restore the lives of the conflict-affected, through loyal and sound investment in civil society.


1. Integrity
We comply with international humanitarian principles and human rights law. Do no Harm!

2. Accountability
We answer to our members, conflict-affected populations, donors, and legal authorities.

3. Transparency
We are open and honest with communities, the public, and stakeholders.

4. Solidarity
We strive to contribute towards the greater good.


Established platform; Loyal membership; New leadership; Dedicated staff; Donor relationships; Humanitarian to development portfolio; Buffer for individual NGOs
Few staff members; Inactive membership; Steering Committee overextended; Structures and procedures require revision
Connection with global fora; Support from ICVA and InterAction; Access to small diplomatic missions; UN collaboration; Diaspora
Competition for funding; Humanitarian money in decline; Support services not always prioritized


  • Advocacy

Goal: Promote the welfare of conflict-affected populations by influencing policy and legislation as a unified NGO voice.
Objective 1
Address legislative and political obstacles restricting the operational success of the NGO community; VAT reimbursement and personal income taxation, NGCA Access, NGO registration, and the draft law on humanitarian activities in crisis situations.
Objective 2
Champion and support the aid community on issues compromising the health and well-being of conflict-affected populations; rights to pensions and social benefits, IDP registration, freedom of movement, and access to essential services.

  • Coordination

Goal: Contribute to building an effective, inclusive, and contextualized response through systematic and complementary collaboration.
Objective 1
Represent the NGO community at the local, national, and regional level to influence policy and process by providing operational perspective.
Objective 2
Facilitate strategic dialogue among NGOs to address operational, programmatic, and advocacy issues.

  • Knowledge Management

Goal: Promote the operational and programmatic success of the aid community through the exchange of critical information and messaging with relevant stakeholders.
Objective 1
Highlight the efforts and achievements of Forum Members through strategic communication channels and social media to generate national and global attention.
Objective 2
Distribute critical information and insights between Forum Members and the aid community to encourage transparency and increase access to strategic discussions and executive decisions.

  • Capacity Building

Goal: Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian and development interventions by increasing the technical and programmatic competencies of NGO staff.
Objective 1
Design and organize training and technical assistance initiatives for NGOs to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities in managing and implementing humanitarian assistance programs.
Objective 2
Design and organize training and technical assistance initiatives for NGOs to advance their knowledge, skills, and abilities in managing and implementing development assistance programs.

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