It’s time to harvest: what is the story of newly created hubs in Donbas region?

This year all NGO community celebrated the opening of the Hub for community initiatives in Kramatorsk with the financial support of the British Embassy in Kyiv and 3 community hubs within the project “I Can” under the Direct Aid Programme of the Australian Embassy in Ukraine.

The NGO Hub, opened on March 29 (check out the great photos from opening ceremony!), serves as an opportunity platform for more than 200 active NGOs and initiatives in Donetsk and Luhansk region. The hub provides assistance to NGOs and individuals who develop or want to develop Donetsk region through the creation of partnerships and communication with government and donors (e.g. the experimental project Public Coffee), as well as helps to manage the effective positioning and plan sustainable functioning of their programs. Special attention is paid to the activities on the consultations concerning the organizational development of NGOs, fundraising, development of social enterprises, provision of trainings, English courses and the development of the network of newly established youth centers by the State Department of Youth and Family. The NGO Hub team also provides assistance to NGOs, partner organizations, and initiative groups through contributing to the concepts writing and event management for partners.

Started from September the hub is changing its location and is moving to the new address: 30a Yaroslava Mudroho st, Kramatorsk. You are always welcome to visit them and become friends!

Ukraine NGO Forum express our sincere gratitude to the  Australian Embassy in Ukraine for the boost to the “I Can” project implementation and the British Embassy in Kyiv for the continuation and project development. Within this project local NGOs are responsible for the development of hubs in each of three cities. These hubs are free creative spaces for different scopes of educational and cultural activities and serve as platforms for increased communication and IDP’s integration into the host community, for raising and supporting new initiatives, ideas exchange and wide communication.

The community hub in Lyman driven by local NGO ‘Altanka’ officially opened in March 2017 and since that time has hosted a number of initiatives: English classes, IT and photography lessons, various handmade workshops, psychological groups for adolescents and youth, educational activities for schools and orphanage, trainings and expert meetings. The hub team initiated the opening of a skateboard playground and conducted music festival MUSIC Fest devoted to the city day celebration. The most important achivement is the entering into a constructive dialogue with local authorities and the understanding of the need to continue the development of the platform for local residents and guests of the city. 

The hub is located at 15 Nezhalezhnosti st, Lyman. Welcome!

Community hub in Severodonetsk by “Vostok SOS” focused its activities on English classes, weekly Cinema club, handmade workshops, monthly psychological groups, trainings and expert meetings. Moreover, the hub team conducted the festivals: Opinion Festival, ZoloteFest, 32May. The most popular event that involved the biggest number of people was the meeting with Steiner Brynn. 

The address of the Hub is 78b Yuria Gagarina st, Severodonetsk. Come and say hello!

Community hub in Starobilsk by “Diyeva Hromada” opened in May 2017 with the photo exhibition “Ukraine is my home” that displayed the drastic changes in IDP’s lives. The hub premises hosted a lot of cultural and social initiatives, master classes and festivals, trainings and sport activities. The hub team organized a number of educational programs: English classes, training courses in SMM management, hairdressing & manicure, photography etc. 

The hub is based at 23 Chernishevskogo st, Starobilsk. You should definitely visit this inspiring place!

In June Ukraine NGO Forum supported the development of all community hubs and with that aim organized study tour to “Impact Hub” (Odessa) in cooperation with “Warm city” (Ivano-Frankivsk) and Chasopys hub (Kyiv). Fredrik Larsson, director of Ukraine NGO Forum, says: “A strong and confident community and civil society can improve and change the quality of life, be key to overcome the challenges put before them.