Modernization of Ukraine became the theme for the latest Good Talk Friday by Ukraine NGO Forum

On October, 13th, Ukraine NGO Forum conducted its traditional Good Talk Friday meeting where NGOs and donors’ representatives could listen to Valerii Pekar’s lecture “Modernization of Ukraine
in the global context: Why now, why slow, why never back?”.

Валерій Пекар

Valerii Pekar during the lecture in Ukraine NGO Forum

Valerii Pekar is a well-known entrepreneur and civic activist, co-founder of the New Country civil platform, member of the National Council of Rreforms. Earlier he was a lecturer of Kyiv-Mohyla Business School (kmbs) and Lviv Business School (LvBS), head of the Exhibitions department at Advertisement Institute. Author of more than 300 articles and two books on management, marketing, IT, futurology.

During the lecture Valerii presented to the audience his vision of the Ukrainian society history, its modern values, goals and possibilities for the further development.

Thus Valerii considers Ukraine to be inbetween the medieval and modern times, and it must move forward to the modern world, which is in crisis, step-by-step in such a way: active minority sets the direction, passive majority sets the pace.

According to Valerii, moving forces on this path are middle class, romantic nationalist, students and youth, while its main objectives are economic modernization, war of independence, human capital development and a new culture.

The old world is weak and ruined, it cannot resist, Ukraine is ranked among the most talented, and new world becomes apparent here, says Valerii. By using new attitudes and principles (crowdfunding and crowdsourcing, open code principles, Wiki cooperation, open access and sharing, granting and common usage, treating relations more than money, collective leadership with no bosses or hierarchies) Ukraine can became a Cossack Sich of XXI century.

After the lecture and open discussion participants commemorated 2 years of Ukraine NGO Forum in Ukraine.