NGO Forum Training in Svyatogirsk: Advocacy as an Effective Representation of Public Interest

On January 24-26, a counseling training course for organizations working with IDPs and other people, who need support due to the conflict in the East of Ukraine will take place in the city of Svyatogirsk (Donetsk region).

The training will focus on the transfer of knowledge, the development of skills to form advocacy strategies, and will help participants to go through the stages of research and analysis of existing beneficiaries’ problems, identifying possible alternatives to their solution, planning and implementing effective communications, which forms the essence of advocacy strategies.

In the program: the creation of a conceptual framework for advocacy strategy planning; creation of a strategy for advocacy; practice.

Participants will have a good chance to achieve practical advocacy skills through discussion in the group and practical tasks.

Coach – Svetlana Kuts, an expert on civil society development in Ukraine since 1994. Expert of such organizations and programs as Embassy of Canada grants program, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany, DVV International, US AID Respond, Pact, UNDP, UNHCR, OSCE, and major international organizations – Save the Children, SOS Children Villages, etc. Actively helps in the establishment of small NGOs.