Projects of Employment and Business Creation for IDPs: What do Donors Support?

The aid programs for IDPs and communities affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine experienced significant changes during last 3 years. The main characteristic of these changes is the transition from emergency humanitarian aid to the programs of reconstruction and development. Furthermore, support for small and medium-sized enterprises among IDPs and affected communities is one of the key activity above programs.

Recently commissioned by Ukraine NGO Forum with the financial support from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) was conducted the study “Analysis of employment projects, small and medium-sized enterprises creation for IDPs and communities affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine”. The main goal of this research was to generalise experience in implementing programs of employment and business development acquired by Ukrainian NGOs since 2014 in order to further development of recommendations for improving the efficiency of such activities.

In frames of the study were used two methods: desk research and unstructured personal interview. This process took more than 3 months. We would like to introduce you the full version of reserach:

As well as the visualisation in Ukrainian of the main results of the study, with aggregated data on donors, grants amount, principal components of support activity, target groups description and projects implementors geography:


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