Protection, Livelihoods and Emergency Support to Conflict-Affected Populations in South-Eastern Ukraine (2017)

With the support of the Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistane (USAID/OFDA) to develop and sustain a strong NGO coordination and information sharing platform the following activities will be implemented:

? coordination meetings on Kyiv and regional levels;

? capacity building of NGOs, local authorities and Ministry of TOTI and IDP’;

? 4 burnout prevention sessions;

? 3 Sphere trainings for Ministry of TOTI and local authorities of Luhansk and Donetsk regions;

? 5-day training for top-level managers of national NGOs and national management staff of international organizations by internationally recognized facilitators from Fordham University;

? 2 capacity building trainings (topics will be identified based on requests from NGOs;

? transition mentorship support program for 15 national NGOs;

? interactive mapping of NGOs;

? vommon services for members such as translations, legal advice and assessments;

? assessments and policy development;

? information sharing and information services.