Public organizations communication: importance of actions and effectiveness of tools

Ukraine NGO Forum with the support of the Department of the European Commission of Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) organizes training on “Public organizations communication: the importance of actions and effectiveness of tools.”

When: 24th of May, 2016, from 10:00 till 18:00

Where: Kyiv, INVERIA co-working, 49A Volodymyrska Street

Training consists of several clusters such as:

  • Why shall NGOs and activists contribute to communication?
  • Successful presentation or what for do you need PowerPoint?
  • How to get on TV?
  • Interview-stand-up on a given topic
  • Newspapers about us
  • Not by the Like only: social networks possibilities for NGOs (SMM strategy development of a particular advocacy case).

All the clusters are covered alongside with practical exercises in groups, video filming, making presentations, writing texts, good sense of humor of the coach. We encourage all the working organizations to participate.

Coach – Andriy Andrushkiv, Project Manager of “CENTRE UA” PO. (“Center UA” – is a non-governmental public organization, that serves as a platform for public initiatives Chesno (Honestly), Stop Cenzuri (Stop the Censorship), Dostup do Pravdy (Access to the Truth), Sylni Gromady Donechchyny (Powerful Communities of Donetsk region)). In collaboration with the team, Centre UA has been implementing communication support of the most powerful expert and public initiative – “Recovery Package of Reforms” for almost two years acting as Communication Manager. It also has 8-year experience in advocacy and lobbying in the field of legislative alterations aimed at the realization of reforms in Ukraine.

As the number of places is limited, preference will be given to the organizations that have registered first and work directly with people affected by the crisis in Eastern Ukraine.
To participate in the training, it is necessary to complete online registration form till 16th of May 2016 inclusively.

Contact information for clarifications – Nataliya Tserklevych,
Note: the training will be conducted in Ukrainian.