Quality Assurance (QA) Tester – Sphere


10 May 2019

Remote position


The Sphere movement was started in 1997 by a group of humanitarian professionals aiming to improve the quality of humanitarian work during disaster response.
Sphere is currently looking for a Quality Assurance Tester to support the development of its online digital platforms. The QA Tester’s responsibilities relate to, but are not limited to, the Sphere website and the Handbook Digital Platform. Both these platforms are young (introduced in 2018) and will be subject to rapid development over the next few years:
• Sphere Website (https://www.spherestandards.org/)
• Sphere Handbook Digital Platform (https://handbook.spherestandards.org/)

• Test current platforms and identify deficiencies, as follows:
– Sphere Website: includes testing new functionality and back-testing existing functionality in respect of platform upgrades.
– Handbook Digital Platform: includes testing new functionality and checking new content.
• Test future versions of the platforms (in staging areas) and identify deficiencies
• Suggest solutions to identified problems where appropriate
• Collaborate in the triage, investigation, and resolution of customer reported issues
• Work with developers and product managers to create effective test processes
• Follow established test procedures to test software
• Report and track issues
• Identify and correct content errors
• Migrate content from legacy to current platforms
• Ensure consistency of content between systems

• A keen eye for issues (including content, display and functional issues)
• Previous QA experience
• Ability to work independently
• Ability to communicate clearly with developers and product managers (in English)
• Flexibility in terms of work patterns
• Language skills are an advantage, particularly in English, Spanish, French and Arabic.


Place of work
The QA Tester can work remotely from anywhere in the world but must be able to conference with product managers in Geneva/London and developers in India as required.

Work pattern
Assignments will be highly irregular based on product development cycles. The QA Tester should be able to react quickly to a request to test new functionality, i.e. within the next 2-3 days.
Successful applicant(s) will be awarded a contract for 3 years, with the possibility to renew at the end of this period. There is no minimum guaranteed number of hours during the period.

How to apply
Please submit a resumé, a cover letter, and a quote including your hourly rate(s) to
recruitment@spherestandards.org no later than Friday, 17 May 2019.