JOB TITLE: Safety and Security Officer or Coordinator (position depending on experience and results of the interview)

TEAM/PROGRAMME: Ukraine Country Office, Save The Children

LOCATION: Slovyansk, with travels around Ukraine (GCA, NGCA) and abroad


POST TYPE: National

CONTRACT LENGTH: February to December 2019 ( to be further extended in 2020)


Level 3 – the responsibilities of the post may require the postholder to have some contact with or access to children or young people


The Safety and Security Officer/Coordinator supports the SCI Ukraine CO Program by providing tactical and operational security management support to SCI staff and partner organizations. The incumbent of the role will be responsible to assure adequate security risk management across the country program through:

a) Timely, accurate, consultative and situation analysis of the prevailing security situation.
b) Ensuring effective safety & security management practices across the country program in line with SCI Safety & Security Essential Standards.
c) Advise the CD and RSD of any immediate changes in security context which may affect programming ability and/or delivery
d) Assessment of partner organization’s safety & security management capacity and supporting them while building their capacity and extending security advice, as required, to the partner organizations as per SCI Partnership Security Management Framework.
e) Liaise with key stakeholders, including UN, NGOs, and Government Authorities, etc.


Reports to: While working under direct supervision of Ukraine CD, technically cooperating to the MEEE RSD.
Dimensions: To lead and manage SCI security risk management in Ukraine CO, support the field offices, and provide support to implementing Partners.

Staff directly reporting to this post: None.


Operational Safety and Security:

• Key support to the CO in smooth program operations and ensuring staff and organizational assets.
• Develop a culture of security across the country program and promote the concept that safety and security plans and guidelines should be jointly developed by the whole team to create ownership and encourage compliance as a natural and integral part of program planning and implementation.
• Ensure compliance to S&S Essential Standards/ KPIs, communicate effectively and regularly with the Ukraine Senior Management Team to provide feedback; guidance, advice and support; help formulate strategies to meet safety and security standards.
• Maintain and provide technical support to Safety and Security Focal Person (SSFP) at field level.
• Ensure that all staff are adhering to security SOPs and update these on regular basis.
• Recommend corrective administrative actions on non-compliance to agreed security protocols.
• Develop detailed Hibernation, Relocation and Evacuation Plans and ensure all relevant logistics, drills and training is provided to operationalize contingency and business continuity plans.
• Provide feedback to field staff in response to security-related inquiries.
• Provide proactive safety and security guidance and support to SCI monitoring staff.
• Compile movements plans

Reporting and Analysis:

• Timely incident reporting, incident management and follow up on all safety and security related incidents (including near misses), affecting our staff or work throughout Ukraine. This will include incidents directly affecting our partners/ beneficiaries.
• Provide daily and weekly Security Reporting, giving incident and trend analysis along with recommendation for strategic planning/ oversight in Ukraine.
• Issue staff advisories as needed.
• Update PDIs, SSMPs, IMPs, Contingency plans and SRA on regular intervals as identified by MEEE RSD.
Security Planning:
• Proactively be engaged in all program processes, including Proposal developments, security budgets, implementation, logistical and movement plans, and go/no go decisions.
• Update MEEE RSD on bi-weekly basis.

Coordination & Representation:

• To ensure safe humanitarian access for SCI and partner programs, engage with wide range of actors on ground to establish trusted relationships. This include INGOs, NGOs, local authorities, partners and communities.
• Advise on/coordinate SCI Senior staff meetings with Government Officials.
• Participate in formal or informal NGO security and analysis networks/forums in the area.
• Liaising with law enforcement agencies over criminal cases and other security matters.


• Ensure that appropriate systems (ECTs and Warden Systems) are in place to effectively disseminate safety and security information and updates of security situation to SCI staff through following means: SMS alerts, Emails, Voice calls on satellite phones in the remote and inaccessible areas, where appropriate.
• Assess communications needs and recommend improvements-technological aspects to make sure that all equipment is working and in good condition.
• Update/sharing safety and security emergency tree, warden/first responders with testing it on regular basis.

Training and Development:

• Carry out safety and security training needs assessments for all staff, drivers and guards. Ensure that all staff received training / briefing and orientation through an elaborate training and development plan.
• Conduct security induction and briefings for all new SCI staff and visitors.
• Ensure maximum compliance to PSS-e online training.
• Manage national security staff with an eye to their professional growth and empowerment.

Partner Support:

• Implement Partner capacity building and support, under guidance of CD & MEEE RSD, in line with SCI Partnership Security Management Framework.
• Support Partners, by providing security advice as needed and in line with Partner support guidelines.
• Identify capacity-building needs of partners in the area of safety and security management.
• Develop a partner security information sharing forum
• Ensure a reliable incident reporting and management system is in place from partners to SCI.
• Ensure that SCI is able to fulfil its duty of care responsibility towards partners by including adequate security provisions and funding in proposals/ partnership agreements with local partners.

The post-holder will comply with all relevant Save the Children policies and procedures with respect to child safeguarding, safety and security, code of conduct, equal opportunities and other relevant policies.

SKILLS AND BEHAVIOURS (our Values in Practice)


• Understands and respects the need for procedures, policies and planning for safety and security management in delivering humanitarian assistance.
• Balances immediate operational activity with longer-term office-based work such as reporting, updating documents, and familiarity and compliance with SCI framework policies.
• Holds self-accountable for making decisions, managing resources efficiently, achieving and role modelling Save the Children values.
• Creates an environment across the team to lead, enable and maintain SCI’s culture of child safeguarding
• Holds the team and partners accountable to deliver on their responsibilities – giving them the freedom to deliver in the best way they see fit, providing the necessary development to improve performance and applying appropriate consequences when results are not achieved.


• Sets ambitious and challenging goals for themselves and their team, takes responsibility for their own personal development and encourages their team to do the same.
• Future orientated, thinks strategically and on a countrywide scale.
• Widely shares personal vision for Save the Children engages and motivates others.


• Approachable, good listener, easy to talk to; builds and maintains effective relationships with colleagues, counterparts in other NGOs, and local authorities.
• Values diversity and different people’s perspectives, able to work cross-culturally.
• Builds and maintains effective relationships, with own team, colleagues, members, donors and partners.


• Develops and encourages new and innovative solutions.


• Honest, encourages openness and transparency, builds trust and confidence.
• Exercises full transparency of work and information to the CD & MEEE RSD.
• Approachable, polite, and patient even when under stress or in the face of criticism.
• Displays consistent good judgement.
• Always acts in the best interests of children.


Essential Experience

• 3-5 years INGO Security Management Experience, preferably in Middle East and East Europe.
• Understanding of current humanitarian safety and security practices and issues affecting aid work globally.
• Experience of remote security management and working with local partners to build their capacity on security management.
• Ability to formulate and communicate analysis of a changing security environment in a neutral and impartial manner.
• Proven track record as a safety and security trainer.
• Experience in Security Risk Assessment.
• Experience in Crisis Incident Management.
• Familiarity with the current security context.
• Proven experience implementing and sustaining compliance with a security management system, preferably in a conflict environment.

Education & Trainings:

• Graduate Degree or equivalent in Security Management or related field.
• Security Management Certifications from accredited institution.
• Understands the complexity and values of non-profit organizations and “Do No Harm” principles.


• Good interpersonal skills with the ability to communicate at all levels, establish professional networks, and coordinate with local and country authorities, donors, International Organisations and local NGOs.
• Proactive and self-motivated with the ability to work autonomously in a highly stressful and challenging environment.
• Proven ability to work constructively in diverse teams and to manage national staff.
• Proven skills in concise and succinct report-writing. Ability to prioritise security related tasks and complete reports to deadlines.
• Commitment to the aims and principles of Save the Children. In particular, a good understanding of the Save the Children mandate and child focus and an ability to ensure this continues to underpin all aspects of the job.
• Commitment to Save the Children child protection policy.
• Good Computer skills (Microsoft Office, email, internet)
• Fluent in English


Familiarity with the various key factors impacting the political and humanitarian environment.

To apply: 

Please send CV to the following e-mail address: