Second “Career English Online” program is open for IDPs and those who want to master English

The Regional English Language Office-Kyiv of U.S. Embassy Kyiv announces the launch of the second “Career English Online” program, which will be divided into four separate sections.

Ukrainian citizens displaced from the conflict zones in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea will be given enrollment priority. However, the course is also open to all interested nominees.

Participants will receive a certificate for completing each course, and those participants who complete all four courses will receive a final certificate stating that they have completed the entire program.

The courses address the following needs:

  • teaching resilience strategies
  • improve the participants’ level of English
  • develop IT skills
  • develop job skills and business acumen.

Dates of the courses:

  1. Class One “Managing Change”: November 24, 2016 – December 24, 2016
  2. Class Two “Job Search”: January 12 – February 9, 2017
  3. Class Three “Reaching for Success”: February 16 – March 16, 2017
  4. Class Four “Business Meetings and Travel”: March 23 – April 24, 2017

Participants may take and complete all of the sections or only those they feel meet their specific needs.

This Call for Participation is open only to those who would like to take Course One “Managing Change.”  Further registration announcements will follow for other courses.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Ukrainian citizenship
  • English Level Skills at Level A2
  • Regular and reliable access to high-speed internet connection
  • Open G-mail account
  • Commitment to spend 7 to 12 hours online each week for the duration of the 4-week course

Career English online for IDPs


To apply for the course: please complete the application form and take the test before November, 17th, 2016.

The candidates that meet the eligibility requirements and successfully complete the test will be notified about enrollment into the course by November 20, 2016.


Course descriptions

  • Course One: “Managing Change”

This course is a blend of the Career English language tutorial and resilience program to assist the participants in their efforts when embracing their life and career changes. The focus is on their ability—and primary goal—to collaboratively face problems, to use past experiences and gain the new ones, to cooperate, and thus to become more effective in a professional environment. The course includes development of basic self-presentation skills, oral and written professional interactions, and business etiquette tips. Most instructions are interactive so that the individual and group activities would ultimately help the participants become open to changes and treat them as challenges rather than problems, strengthen their ability to show confidence and ease in professional interactions, and more freely communicate with both colleagues and competitors.

Course developer: Yaroslava Fedoriv, Ph.D., Associate Professor (Docent) of the English Language Department at the National University of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.” Possesses university degrees in Applied Mathematics and in Teaching English as a foreign language. Certified Online English instructor. Member of TESOL International.  Currently, she teaches Academic English to MA students, and English for Journalists, English Phonetics to BA students at the NaUKMA; Academic English to Ph.D. School students at Kyiv National Linguistic University.
Course developer and online/face-to-face instructor for the English for Journalists Project with RELO US Embassy in Budapest, Hungary (2014-2016).  Yaroslava took part in the Career English Online Project with RELO US Embassy in Kyiv, Ukraine as a course developer, lead teacher, and online instructor for Internally Displaced Persons (2015-present).

  • Course 2: “Job Search”

Job Search is designed for people who are looking for a job at the moment or who are thinking about changing their job. The course provides the participants with specific knowledge and skills and includes the following topics:

  • Career change – how to approach;
  • Bio – what is it and how to write it;
  • LinkedIn – social network for job seekers;
  • Making contacts – a key to finding a job;
  • CV and resume – how to write effective ones;
  • Job interviews – how to prepare and go through them;
  • Jobs of the future – what professions will be most in demand in 10 years’ time.

The course equips participants with the information they need for a successful job search as well as providing much written and spoken practice. As a result, the participants improve their chances of finding employment, develop their professional network and leave the course ready for an interview.

Course developer: Ivan Atamanenko is a Lead course developer contracted to the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in Ukraine. He is in charge of development and delivery of online courses, particularly Career English Online for internally displaced persons. His professional interests include applications and tools for learning English on the net as well as online learning and teaching platforms which were the topic of his presentation at TESOL 2016 Convention in Baltimore, MD. Ivan’s interests include gym workouts, traveling and public speaking.

  • Course 3: “Reaching for Success”   

The course Reaching for Success is for people who would like to be successful in the job application process and want to know how to make their resume look attractive for a future employer. In the course participants will learn:

  • About the best companies to work for;
  • different types of business;
  • how to adjust your resume to suit the demands of a company;
  • to describe an office;
  • to describe work progress and improve your  teleconferencing skills;
  • to write an email that summarizes a phone conversation.

Course Developer: Oksana Rubanova is one of the Lead course developers for the Regional English Language Office of the US Embassy in Ukraine. She is keen on the professional development as well as teaching online. She has delivered methodology courses online and taught English to students. She is also involved in developing the course ‘Career English online.’ Outside her job, Oksana is interested in reading, socializing with friends, watching movies in English and bead stitching.

  • Course 4: “Business Meetings and Travel”

The course Business Meetings and Travel is intended to give participants an insight into the English language you might need to use as you travel somewhere abroad on business. As you complete the course you will:

  • Be able to speak about benefits of business travel with your business partners in English;
  • learn and practice essential vocabulary and useful phrases for business travel and business meetings;
  • have the chance to practice conversation with a ticket agent at the central station and work out strategic survival action plan for any travel situation;
  • find out more about small talk before business talk and tips for business meetings etiquette;
  • develop your listening skills and learn how to arrange a meeting by email;
  • learn about preparing and giving compelling business presentations.

Course Developer: Svitlana Klochko, is a Ph.D., Associate Professor (Docent) of the Foreign Languages Department at Khmelnytsky National University. She received her University Degree in Translation and Teaching English from Khmelnytsky State University. Svitlana was awarded the LCCI FTBE Certificate and is an expert in Business English training and consulting.
She teaches English for Specific Purposes courses at Khmelnytsky National University to the students of International Relations Department and the Department of Economics and Administration. Being an active participant in various teacher development events and online training for teachers of English funded by US Embassy in Ukraine she has been involved in developing and delivering Career English Online project with RELO US Embassy in Kyiv. Svitlana loves traveling and exploring new places.

U.S. Embassy Kyiv
Regional English Language Office
Distance English Language and Professional Development Program

November 24, 2016 – December 24, 2016