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Cash program efficiently implemented by ACTED

A selection of success stories of the Ukraine NGO Forum’s members
that provide humanitarian aid to the conflict-affected populations in the east of Ukraine

In times of conflict, it is sometimes easy to get stuck in talks of ceasefires and reconciliation, and forget about those who live it every day: local populations. But in fact, those, whose lives have changed  radically, who face to a new reality, are entitled to an effective response.

Populations living in conflict-affected areas face a range of problems every day, including mine-related incidents, frequent shelling as well as issues accessing with health and basic services because of the consequences of the conflict (damaged roads, lack of qualified medical staff, etc.).

Today, out of over 5 million people affected by the conflict, 3.5 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian organisations, which work in the field and have a good understanding of the context and needs of the local population, provide some of this much-needed assistance through various means, including cash, psychological, legal and medical assistance, provision of medicine, food and non-food items.

Through cash distribution, ACTED targets some of the most vulnerable conflict-affected people in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts: those whose state pension represents is barely enough to cover a third of their living costs, those whose healthcare needs costs are so high that they cannot afford to buy enough food, those who were displaced because of the conflict and those who remain isolated living close to the line of contact.

In 2018, ACTED distributed over 40 000 000 UAH to approximately 9,000 people affected by the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, with support from the German Government (through their Federal Foreign Office), the Government of Canada (through Global Affairs Canada), and the European Union/EU (through its Directorate of Civil Protection and Humanitarian Operations (ECHO)).

So far in 2019, ACTED has also provided cash assistance to over 3,000 of the most vulnerable people living along the contact line in Eastern Ukraine, which continues to split Government Controlled Areas from Non-Government Controlled Areas.

Below are some of their stories.

Liubov Y. (Toretsk, Donetsk region)

Liubov Y. is the head of a family of nine people: five adults and four children, the majority of whom are adopted.

Liubov and her sizeable family live in a house which is slowly falling apart, due to its proximity to an area which comes under constant shelling, as well as structural problems preceding from its location on top of an old mine.

The family’s total income is 15,000 hryvnias (500 euros), which amounts to approximately 1,667 hryvnias per person, or 55 euros. Several members of the household have disabilities; one of the girls attends college in Konstantynivka, approximately 21,4 km away from Toretsk. Liubov also lives with her late daughter-in-law’s mother, who is 57 years old and has severe mobility impairments (legs amputation).

With the cash assistance provided by ACTED, Liubov and her family were able to purchase much-needed medical treatments, food and a washing machine.

Nina V. (Toretsk, Donetsk region)

Nina has several chronic illnesses, and several accidents have meant that both her hands have fractures and she needs the help of a walker to move. Her son also has limited mobility, and serious health issues; he recently had to undergo surgery and needs expensive medical treatment, including medicine, intravenous infusions, etc. It is difficult for Nina to care for her son every day; she barely leaves the house and asks her neighbours to support her by buying food. With the cash assistance provided by ACTED, Nina was able to buy food, hygiene items, and a walker.