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Inhabitants of Zavitne and Zhelanne receive secured access to water

 A selection of success stories of the Ukraine NGO Forum’s members that provide humanitarian aid to the conflict-affected populations in the east of Ukraine

Since March 2018 arche noVa (AN) has implemented a UNICEF funded project named ‘Support to decentralized water systems and WASH in social institutions in Kostiantynivskyi, Pokrovskyi and Yasynuvatskyi rayons of Donetska oblast, GCA’. Until recently, the access to water and adequate sanitation facilities for the inhabitants of these conflict-affected rayons, was seriously limited. As a result of this project, arche noVa, with funds received from UNICEF, has been able to provide access to safe and adequate water supply in some of the villages and towns located in the conflict-affected area, by constructing and rehabilitating wells and boreholes, repairs and rehabilitation of local water pipe networks and improvement of sanitation conditions in social institutions. Local communities and institutions were included throughout the implementation of the project, either by consulting them with regard to their needs and feedback, as well as in some cases requiring them to complete some of the works themselves, and ultimately taking ownership in order to ensure maintenance and sustainability.

Now, the residents within these rayons have access to good quality water which they can use for personal hygiene needs, cleaning, laundry, as well as for watering plants that they grow in their gardens. Furthermore, children’s education experiences are no longer disrupted due to the lack of inadequate sanitation facilities at school.  This is a wonderful example of local communities and international organisations working together to improve the lives of those continuing to be affected by the conflict.

                              The well serving inhabitants of Zavitne was rehabilitated

                                   Rehabilitated well in Zavitne has a brand new casing

Locations for project works were selected based on a detailed needs assessment. One such location was Zavitne in Pokrovskyi rayon, 20 km north-west from the line of contact. The village is inhabited by a small population of 57 people. During the assessment, arche noVa engineers noted that the only water source serving this settlement was a public well, built nearly 50 years ago, that had not been rehabilitated ever since. Within the parameters of the project, arche noVa rehabilitated the aforementioned well, ensuring that water supply for this community is of adequate quality and quantity. The well, which serves all the inhabitants of Zavitne, did not only receive a new casing, but was also rehabilitated, deepened and cleaned, which has ultimately helped to increase the water supply resilience of the village.

Another location was Zhelanne, a settlement in Yasynuvatskyi rayon, 20 km north-west of the line of contact, which is inhabited by 2055 people. It is one of the villages with a decentralized water system, where the water infrastructure was in a critical condition. Along with a high level of dilapidation, the water supply system was constantly exposed to hostile action taking place nearby. In particular, the construction of military fortifications and movement of heavy hardware in the vicinity, often endangered the underground utility systems and rendered it defective. AN has been able to provide the settlement with 2700m of pipes to be used for the much-needed improvement of the water infrastructure. As part of the agreement for receiving the pipes, the local community had to ensure that they would complete all the works themselves. Under the supervision and support of arche noVa engineers, they engaged their own funds and resources to install the pipes. Now, the residents of Zhelanne have access to good quality water.


       The process of water pipes rehabilitation in Zhelanne, Yasynuvatskyi raion