The information about all NGOs of Donbas is presented now on! // 04.07.2017

Almost 200 NGOs are presented on at the moment. They represent international, national and regional organizations from different sectors, based in Donbas (including NGCA) and provide assistance to all kinds of people in need. During next 3 months Ukraine NGO Forum plans to scale up the database and include information about NGOs from Kharkiv, Zaporizhya and Dnipro.

The first in Ukraine specialized ‘English for NGOs’ course completed // 28.06.2017

More than 500 classes were held for nearly 200 representatives from 64 different NGOs. The geography of the courses is also impressive, as they took place in 7 Ukrainian cities: Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Severodonetsk, Mariupol, Dnipro, Kharkiv and Kyiv.

Would you like to evaluate the own burnout level? (survey) // 16.06.2017

Burnout Self-Test was developed by Christina Maslach and Susan Jackson, adapted by Nataliya Vodopianova.

How to identify, prevent and reduce burnout? (info graphics) // 15.06.2017

Ukraine NGO Forum organized for the first time in Ukraine research of professional burnout phenomenon among humanitarian workers. This research lasted almost 4-months and includes analysis of responses from over 420 NGO staff members from 31 cities. The research findings provide detailed information on main causes of burnout as well as recommendations how to identify, prevent and reduce burnout symptoms.

Projects of Employment and Business Creation for IDPs: What do Donors Support? // 26.05.2017

We are glad to present you the results of the study "Analysis of employment projects, small and medium-sized enterprises creation for IDPs and communities affected by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine" with aggregated data on donors, grants amount, principal components of support activity, target groups description and projects implementors geography.

Calls for applications to participate in Capacity Building Program for NGOs // 15.05.2017

Participation in Capacity Building Program is available for NGOs in Luhansk, Donetsk, Kharkiv, Zaporizhia and Dnipro oblasts. The Program is supported by the British Embassy Kyiv.

Three New Public Spaces Were Established in Donbas // 27.04.2017

Several hundred people are involved in the hubs' activities. They participate in the initiated festivals, English lessons, environmental events, family clubs, workshops, meetings with opinion leaders, art classes, educational events, flash mobs, film screenings, psychosocial support providing, experience exchanges with other organisations etc.

Capacity Building Program for 30 NGOs was ensured // 10.04.2017

Ukraine NGO Forum carried out the Capacity Building Program for 30 NGOs to help with the development of individual strategies, share best Ukrainian and international practices for the management of NGOs supporting SMEs, women empowering and peace building, number of different events were conducted.

NGO Hub for Will be Opened in Kramatorsk on March 29 // 21.03.2017

A hub for community initiatives in Kramatorsk established in winter 2017 on the initiative of NGO "Donbas SOS" with the Ukraine NGO Forum assistance and with financial support of the British Embassy. Hub is using for conducting of training activities, English lessons, art classes, meetings of NGO "Center for Employment of free people" beneficiaries.

Invitation to the “Needs assessment training” in Kyiv on March 29-30 // 15.03.2017

We are pleased to invite you to “Assessment methodology” training for humanitarian NGOs. The goal is to provide an overview of the basic principles and methods for needs assessment in humanitarian projects with an emphasis on practical application for humanitarian workers.

Several of Ukraine NGO Forum members have endorsed a position paper on draft law №3593-d // 08.03.2017

Several of Ukraine NGO Forum members have developed and endorsed a position paper on draft law №3593-d “On the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.” They are certain that the bill will not foster the return and reintegration of the occupied territories in Eastern Ukraine, although it is likely to worsen the situation instead.

Join NGO mapping of Donbas region! // 27.02.2017

Ukraine NGO Forum has started the creating of interactive NGO mapping of Donbas region. The mapping will include local and international NGOs from different sectors, based in Donbas and assisting to different groups of needy people.

New cycle of trainings on Sphere humanitarian standards has launched // 08.02.2017

Ukraine NGO Forum is pleased to invite you to participate in a “Sphere: Humanitarian Charter and Minimum Standards in Disaster Response” training that is offered with support OFDA and DRC/DDG.

Crosscutting theme of Brussel’s conference: The human face of Ukrainian conflict // 24.01.2017

On the 23rd January 2017, the conference “Ukraine – The Human Face of the Eastern Conflict” organized by Action Contre La Faim took place at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels.

Help us to establish burnout prevention programs and trainings in Ukraine! // 12.01.2017

Ukraine NGO Forum invites national and international NGOs to participate in a research of professional burnout phenomenon among humanitarian workers. Organizations participating in this assessment will have priority in the future burnout prevention programs and trainings organized by Ukraine NGO Forum.

Ukraine NGO Forum became a Charter4Change official endorsing body // 26.12.2016

Ukraine NGO Forum is the only Ukrainian NGO that endorsed Charter4Change and will add to its implementation among international NGOs in Ukraine