Ukraine NGO Forum conducted a training on advocacy basics for NGOs // 14.09.2016

On September, 13th, the first training on advocacy for NGOs, organized by Ukraine NGO Forum and ACF, supported by USAID, took place in Kyiv.

12 participants from Kyiv and various regions of Ukraine had a day full of studying of advocacy basics and obtaining skills which can be used within their NGOs’ projects.

On the World Humanitarian Day // 19.08.2016

This day we honor, and will not forget, those who have lost their lives pursuing their quest of helping others. Since 1997 more than 1400 humanitarian workers have been killed in their line of duty, people whose dedication brought them to areas of natural disasters and zones of conflicts across the globe to help some of those 125 million individuals in need of humanitarian assistance.

Does your NGO staff need English courses? // 16.08.2016

Ukraine NGO Forum would like to present a new initiative. If your NGO needs better knowledge of English, please let us know.
Those who filled out the form will be informed about the start of the program on a first-priority basis.

Apply for a Sphere Training of Trainers (TOT) course // 22.07.2016

Ukraine NGO Forum strongly encourages to apply for a Sphere Training of Trainers course which will be held on November 21-25, 2016

Ukraine NGO Forum became focal point for the Sphere Project in Ukraine // 19.07.2016

On the 19th of July, Ukraine NGO Forum became the Sphere Project focal point in Ukraine.

Improving communication with media of I/NGOs // 01.07.2016

Ukraine NGO Forum conducted capacity building needs assessment among 84 Ukrainian NGOs

Good Talk Friday with Andrey Kurkov: “Russia and Ukraine: writers and politics” // 29.06.2016

Ukraine NGO Forum recently has hosted another lecture in the series of “Good Friday Talks” with Andriy Kurkov, the famous Ukrainian writer

The Forum is strongly committed to supporting a collective advocacy agenda as a cornerstone of its overall strategy going forward // 21.06.2016

By working together, CSOs can have a stronger voice and be more effective in advocating for positive change. On May 19th, 2016 NGO Forum members participated in the workshop on the development of NGO Forum Ukraine strategy. The developed document will later be shared with all members.

Presentation of humanitarian law in Supreme Council of Ukraine // 17.05.2016

On 16 of May 2016, The parliamentary committee on "Veterans Affairs of Combatants, ATO Participants and Disabled People" has presented the new draft law on humanitarian assistance in crisis situations to parliamentarians, authorities, national and international humanitarian partners and the media. The framework law will be a significant step to facilitate the provision of humanitarian assistance and help both national and international organizations to implement assistance to people in Ukraine.

Brief by CBO Ukraine on the result of Kharkiv Forum facilitated by UNHCR // 27.04.2016

Ukraine NGO Forum Senior Coordinator Fredric Larsson on the impact of public society in Ukraine and on the importance of its support: Public organizations in Ukraine were the first to respond to crisis and will be the last that remain here to solve recovery and development issues. That is why it is important to provide support and knowledge, essential for its professionalization.

Workshop on FACEBOOK tool for NGOs // 25.04.2016

NGO Forum in Ukraine organizes a workshop on “Work organization in social networks. Tactics, strategies, practice” (MUST HAVE for NGOs) which will be held on April 13 in Kyiv.

Online consulting on legal and financial issues // 25.04.2016

Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum has launched an online consulting on legal and financial issues of charity – a unique service for charitable funds and organizations.

How to launch a charitable endowment? How to manage and report on obtained and provided support? How to deal with “humanitarian services,” become a social entrepreneur, and build relationships with volunteers? The best Ukrainian lawyers, financial experts, and auditors advise on all legal and accounting details of philanthropy pro bono.

NGO Forum Position paper related to IDP verification and suspension of social and pension payments. // 20.04.2016

NGO Forum Position paper related to IDP verification and suspension of social and pension payments.
The humanitarian community is deeply concerned about the recent developments related to IDP verification and suspension of social and pension payments. At the end of February 2016, members of the humanitarian community started receiving information that IDPs, including most vulnerable groups, were being stripped of their social welfare payments and pensions.
Ukraine NGO Forum remains committed to serving the internally displaced persons, and conflict affected population through identifying issues of concern, jointly with the authorities finding lasting solutions and further contributing towards mitigating consequences of humanitarian crisis in the country therefore to raise the concern in the situation, Ukraine NGO Forum issued the IDP position paper

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Registration at the Parliament of the law on ‘humanitarian assistance in crisis situation’ // 20.04.2016

The draft of the new law on 'humanitarian assistance in crisis situation' was registered at Parliament on 1 April 2016 with the number 4360

A Member States briefing on Ukraine in Geneva // 20.04.2016

A Member States briefing was held on 21 March 2016 in Geneva to brief on the humanitarian
situation in Ukraine. The meeting was well attended by 40 Permanent Missions (Angola, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Council of Europe, Czech Republic, Denmark,
European Union, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, ICRC, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia , Lesotho, Lithuania, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Republic of Korea, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine) and 9 UN agencies and INGOs.