Ukraine NGO Forum achivements in 2017

Over the past 12 months the support of our partners: the British Embassy in UkraineU.S. Embassy in Ukraine, and USAID/OFDA , resulted in the following achievements:

Coordination on international, national, and regional levels

– Our members are represented by Ukraine NGO Forum in the Humanitarian Country Team, Inter-Cluster Coordination Group, and Humanitarian Communications Sub-Group.
– Ukraine NGO Forum became the SPHERE project focal point in Ukraine, as well as the first official endorsing body of Charter4Change in Ukraine.
– 20 national and 8 regional coordination meetings were conducted.
Working groups on administrative, financial, HR, and advocacy issues were facilitated on a regular basis.
– More than 450 events and meetings were conducted and 600 unique participants were engaged.
– More than 100 NGOs took part in hubs events and activities, 30 NGOs in Luhansk and Donetsk oblasts are systematically coordinating via the hubs.

Capacity Building

– More than 1,000 NGO staff from over 320 organisations benefited from trainings, such as project management, monitoring and evaluation, communication, financial management, informational security, informational technologies and fundraising.
– Specialised English course for humanitarians was developed and conducted for more than 740 employees from more than 245 NGOs in 9 cities.
– 50 staff members of 17 NGOs from 5 oblasts of Eastern Ukraine took part in NGO study tours.
– In-depth organisational capacity assessments were conducted for 45 NGOs (Zaporizhzhya, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Luhansk oblasts), and 30 NGOs received mentorship support after the assessment, based on the individual strategic plan developed by experts for each NGO.
– Local initiatives to open and NGO hub as well as 3 community hubs in Donbas region were supported.
– 15 NGOs participated in private-public partnership program.

Information Sharing 

– Our digital information platform reaches up to 100,000 people per month. Over 1,900 humanitarian NGO professionals recieve our newsletters every month.
– Ukraine NGO Forum was mentioned in more than 60 publications in regional and sectoral print/TV/radio/online media, plus nearly 10 publications in national print/TV/radio/online media.
– The web portal was developed, launched, and promoted as a unique database of more than 570 international and local NGOs responding to the crisis in both GCA and NGCA.
– 5 professional thematic research studies and reports were produced on the following issues.


– Ukraine NGO Forum is an active member of the working group for amendments to Presidential draft laws #6674 and #6675 in the Coordination Council for Civil Society Development under the President of Ukraine.
– Amendments to the adopted Strategy of Integration of IDPs provided by Ukraine NGO Forum regarding housing with privileges for rent and purchase, as well as simplified procedure for access to pension, were accepted by the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs.
– Ukraine NGO Forum participated in more than 50 international and national conferences and roundtables.