Call for participants for training of trainers “Peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity – essentials for trainers.”


In the period from September 2017 to March 2018, Ukraine NGO Forum with the support of the British Embassy conducts a series of trainings for trainers within the framework of the second phase of the project «Building for the future: A holistic approach toward the empowerment of civil society in the Donbas region». The topic of the first specialised training of trainers “Peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity – essentials for trainers.”

When: September 26-29, 2017

Where: Kyiv

Language: Russian, English with translation into Ukrainian

Organizer: Ukraine NGO Forum

Deadline for filing applications: September 11, 2017

Course description

The training course is conducted with the purpose of training trainers among those Ukrainian NGOs working with the consequences of the conflict. The training will help participants identify how their existing work might be used in order to strengthen relations between different parts of the community in which they are working.

Training will cover the following topics:

  • basic concepts in peacebuilding;
  • an introduction to conflict sensitive approaches;
  • how to conduct a context analysis and use it to inform your programming;
  • how to design a peacebuilding initiative and measure its effectiveness;
  • how use conflict-sensitive approaches in order to engage more stakeholders in your work;
  • how to design and evaluate a training session;
  • presenting training sessions and facilitating discussions.

After the course participants will:

  • have a ready training module that they will able to deliver with their target communities on how to design peacebuilding projects or integrate peacebuilding into their present work.
  • have a series of tools that will help them to reflect on how their organisations works with different groups and what actions could be taken in order to make their organisations more inclusive to different parts of the population.
  • receive a certificate confirming the passing of the course.

Candidate profile

This course is designed for the people with some experience of facilitating trainings and presenting information to diverse groups. The priority is given to people responsible for conducting trainings in their work. In addition, the training can be attended by managers of organisations that have the right to make strategic decisions in their NGOs and staff that often and intimately interacts with the target groups.

Selection process

We strive to create a diverse group of participants who meet the following requirements and intend to conduct trainings on conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding.

Selection process will be carried out in accordance with the following criteria:

  • ability of the organisation, which the candidate will represent, to use and distribute received instruments of conflict sensitivity in future;
  • certain plan for further training on conflict sensitivity and peacebuilding;
  • support of the candidate from the manager or the director of the organisation in the form of a letter of support, explaining how the organisation will encourage the candidate to further use the knowledge gained during the course;
  • obligation to conduct training in candidates’ NGO or community on the basis of the learned methodology;

Additionally, selected applicants should have:

  • regular training/learning function within their job, solid communication and presentation skills, strong training and facilitation skills
  • skills of providing information to various groups of the population;
  • experience of direct work with target communities;

The number of possible participants is limited to 25. Ukraine NGO Forum cannot guarantee the participation in the training of all applicants. Preference will be given to:

  • Ukraine NGO Forum member organizations;
  • NGO staff working with the consequences of an armed conflict in eastern Ukraine;
  • NGO staff from Donetsk, Luhansk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia regions;
  • NGO staff operating in eastern Ukraine and transferring their activities to other regions;

About trainers

Training “Peacebuilding and conflict sensitivity – essentials for trainers” will be conducted by experienced trainers from the Peaceful Change Initiative (United Kingdom).

Anthony Foreman is a senior adviser on peacebuilding. He has more than ten years of experience in international development with a range of organisations, including local non-governmental, international organisations, and United Nations agencies. He has worked with populations from the conflicts in Liberia, Sudan (Darfur), Chechnya, Moldova and across the territories of the South Caucasus.

Raj Bhari provides peace building expertise to PCi’s work in Libya and Syria.  He has been working in conflict transformation and peace building internationally and in the UK for twenty years. From 2002, Raj worked as an advisor to the UK Government, where he contributed to the development of the national community cohesion, conflict resolution, and community engagement agendas.

Additional information

Accommodation, meals and transportation expenses of participants will be provided by the organizers in case of need. The travel cost will be reimbursed based on a copy of the ticket (Class 2 Intercity / Coupe / Bus), accommodation is provided in double/twin rooms.

If you have any questions, please contact Andrii Kryshtal (


To participate in the training, you need to fill in the online form: All applicants will be notified of the selection results by September 19, 2017.