Ukraine NGO Forum became a Charter4Change official endorsing body

Ukraine NGO Forum became an official endorsing body of Charter4Change, an initiative, led by both national and international NGOs, to practically implement changes to the way the Humanitarian System operates to enable more locally-led response. Ukraine NGO Forum is the only Ukrainian NGO that endorsed Charter4Change and will add to its implementation among international NGOs in Ukraine.

Charter4Change was initiated during the World Humanitarian Summit process in 2015 for the international NGO signatories to commit their organisations to implement the following 8 point Charter for Change by May, 2018:

  1. Direct funding — by commiting to pass 20% of humanitarian funding to national NGOs
  2. Partnership — by endorsing principles of Equality, Transparency, Results-Oriented Approach, Responsibility and Complementarity
  3. Transparency — by publishing figures about amounts (or percentages) of funding to national NGOs
  4. Recruitment — by stop undermining local capacities  in humanitarian actions
  5. Advocacy — by emphasising the importance of national humanitarian actors
  6. Equality — by subgranting and involving local and national collaborators in the design of the programmes and decision-making
  7. Support — by providing robust organisational support and capacity strengthening
  8. Promotion — by communication to the media and the public about local partners

At the moment 29 international NGOs have signed the Charter4Change and committed their organisations to further changes. Also nearly 150 national and local organisations from 43 countries across the world have endorsed the Charter, calling on their international partners to work towards signing the 8 commitments.

Ukraine NGO Forum, as a membership organization consisting of more than 30 international and national NGOs, finds endorsement and implementation of Chareter4Change principles an important component of the further development of the humanitarian system in Ukraine and worldwide.

You can read the Charter4Chage full text by the link (pdf).