Ukraine NGO Forum conducted next regional meetings with NGOs in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk

On October, 20-21th, Ukraine NGO Forum conducted two meetings with more than 30 international and national NGOs in Kramatorsk and Severodonetsk.

Following a huge number of applications for NGO Forum burnout session, Olha Malaya, a facilitator–psychologist specializing in psychology of conflict, crisis and trauma, provided basic explanation of theprofessional burnout phenomenon in the crisis environment.

Also she gave some practical advises for NGO workers to follow: paying attention to psychological stabilization, having active spare time and regular vacation, keeping healthy day routine etc. Psychological/managerial supervision, balint group work, psychological counselling were presented as professional tools for prevention of professional burnout at NGOs. Besides, Ukraine NGO Forum is looking for more opportunities to meet these humanitarian NGO workers’ needs.

Another agenda point of the regional meetings was presenting of a Kobo application that saves hours of work with data collection, data analysis and exchange for using in challenging environments. A REACH field coordinator explained its main advantages, such as easily creating survey forms, quick and reliable offline collection of data on Android or iOS device, integrated multimedia, geotagging, easy and accurate analysis of the surveys performed. Created for humanitarian needs, it was advised to try and use it beyond the humanitarian response activities as well.

A REACH field coordinator also announced opening of information management hub in Slovyansk, and providing solid support for NGOs in promotion of innovative information technologies, monitoring and evaluation, databases etc.

Ukraine NGO Forum representative updated the meetings participants on upcoming opportunities for NGOs, news from partners, events and trainings.