Ukraine NGO Forum Launches the Development of the Advocacy Strategy

On November 22nd and 23rd, members of the Ukraine NGO Forum (NGOF) Advocacy Working Group (AWG) convened to discuss the role and responsibilities of the AWG, and design the NGOF Advocacy Strategy for 2019-2021.

During the two-day workshop, the AWG established clear and concise selection criteria for prioritizing advocacy issues; identified the top five advocacy priorities; and formulated strategic objectives that will be further discussed among the NGOF members.

AWG members reviewed the results of an advocacy survey conducted by the Forum Secretariat, which screened its members for ideas and insights. The survey probed for advocacy priorities, as well as target audiences for ongoing advocacy efforts, the allocation of resources, and best practices. The survey also identified gaps in both strategic planning and the implementation of activities.

Next steps will include further analysis of the strategic objectives to select specific issues where a collective advocacy voice is most needed and the NGOF’s leadership could be most effective. An NGOF Advocacy Strategy and Action Plan for 2019-2021 will then be finalized and implemented.