Ukraine NGO Forum launches Transition Phase Capacity Building Program

Ukraine NGO Forum launches Transition Phase Capacity Building Program which will be implemented with the support of Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development.

The program aims to provide the participants with basic understanding of transition and recovery programming within the Ukrainian context.

Program objectives:

  1. To enhance the program participants understanding of the transition issues at a country level, including challenges, opportunities and good practices
  2. To exchange views and develop a shared understanding of the requirements for more effective planning, coordination and implementation of the transition phase
  3. To develop individual strategies and recommendations related to transitioning for the participating NGOs

The program will consist of several components:

  1. Seminar on transition and recovery
  2. Workshops on the following topics:
    • Good governance and organizational strategy development
    • Markets/SME
    • Women empowerment and role in the communication with communities
    • Conflict sensitivity and peace building
  3. Mentorship and support to the participating NGOs in strategies development and making their first steps in transition programing.

As a first stage of the Transition Phase Capacity Building Program, Ukraine NGO Forum is hosting a best practice seminar “Transition from humanitarian programs to recovery. Challenges and opportunities” in Kyiv on November, 16-17th, 2016.

This event aims to provide leaders of the national NGOs a platform for dialogue to discuss transition programing, challenges they face and what is needed to efficiently progress from humanitarian to sustainable crisis recovery, resilience building and development opportunities.

To reach this goal Ukraine NGO Forum invites national and international experts on early recovery, livelihoods and transition programing to share their views and discuss with other participants current opportunities are possible ways forward.

This seminar will also provide an opportunity to present the results of transition, early recovery and livelihoods projects implemented by the international and national NGOs in Ukraine.

The event will be in English and Ukrainian with consecutive translation provided.
Travel and accommodation costs are covered by Ukraine NGO Forum.

To take part in the program and the seminar: please fill in the application form by November, 7th, 2016.

For any inquieries concerning the program please contact Ms. Oksana Kosenko by