Ukraine NGO Forum started regular meetings with regional NGOs

Ukraine NGO Forum started regular meetings with international and Ukrainian NGOs working in the regions. The first meetings were held on September, 7-8th, 2016, in Severodonetsk and Kramatorsk.

During the meetings the Ukraine NGO Forum staff introduced the organization, its goals and objectives,current activities and capacity building opportunities, discussed the needs and gaps of NGOs in terms of information exchange, advocacy and capacity building.

The common requests from the meeting participants were for project management and proposal writing trainings, burn-out sessions, regular updates on new information materials and studying opportunities, seminars on the specific themes.

In Kramatorsk participants emphasized the importance to involve representatives of local authorities and to increase cooperation with them.

After careful consideration of the learnt initiatives, needs and requests, Ukraine NGO Forum is looking to provide regional NGOs with more assistance in its main filed of focus and mutually beneficial further partnership cooperation.