WASH Advocacy Campaign Coordinator – People In Need


23 Feb 2019


WASH Advocacy Campaign Coordinator

Duty Station: Kyiv/Slavyansk, with frequent field travels

Duration: from asap till end of April 2019

Reports to: Advocacy Expert (People in Need)


People in Need (PIN) leads the WASH Advocacy Working Group (WASH AWG), a platform of cooperation and exchange among different agencies (local and international NGOs, IOs and UNs) working in the water and sanitation sector in the eastern Ukraine. The Working Group, currently led by People in Need (PIN), works in close cooperation with the WASH cluster and seeks to coordinate advocacy amongst its members and raise the profile of water and sanitation issues in eastern Ukraine.


The Advocacy Campaign Coordinator will be required to lead, develop, and effectively implement activities for the #RightToWaterUkraine campaign, in cooperation with the WASH AWG and under the supervision of PIN.

The Advocacy Campaign Coordinator will be supervised by the Advocacy Expert of People in Need.
Activities will include: To disseminate an existing petition on the right to access to water in eastern Ukraine, and collect signatures; To organize a multi-agency event for advocacy/awareness raising on World Water Day (WWD, 22 March), revolving around the petition; To disseminate a video on related issues; To supervise the design of WASH AWG materials for social and other media (through partners’ social media); To support the development of a strategy on the petition handover to authorities.

Accountability and Key-end Results

The Advocacy Campaign Coordinator will be responsible for leading the #RightToWaterUkraine campaign, including:

1. Developing a campaign strategy and action plan for March/April, with the support of the Advocacy
2. Lead the organization of an event for World Water Day in/related to water issues in eastern
Ukraine, in eastern Ukraine or Kyiv;
3. Monitoring of economic, political, cultural developments in Ukraine that have relation to water
issues and can have an impact on the campaign, disseminate information among workgroup
members; develop suggestion on associated possible activities for the campaign;
4. Disseminate the petition and collect signatures in eastern Ukraine, both directly and through
coordination with partners;
5. Develop communication materials for the WASH Advocacy Working Group; contribute to
communication with governmental and non-governmental organizations on campaign topics;
6. With the support of the communication team and advocacy expert, contribute to communication with
mass media;
7. Maintain a record of advocacy activities carried out WASH AWG for reporting purposes;
8. Undertake administrative tasks as required.


Action/ Item Deadline
– Kyiv induction Asap (1 week)
– Collection of petition signatures Asap – 22/03
– Event for WWD organization Asap – 22/03
– WWD Event follow up 22/03 – 31/04
– Development of a strategy for petition handover to authorities 22/03 – 31/04

Profile of the team

The WASH Advocacy Campaign Coordinator will be supervised by People in Need Advocacy expert, but also work in close cooperation with the WASH AWG members.

Required qualification and competencies

– Bachelor’s degree (Essential)
– It is essential that the candidate has at least one year’s advocacy, campaigning or community
engagement experience in an NGO or similar organization.
– Experience working as part of a consortium, platform or coalition preferable.
– Good working knowledge of water and sanitation as well as Human Rights and IHL issues in eastern Ukraine is desirable.

Core Competencies

– Good communication and interpersonal skills, including written and oral presentation skills
– Knowledge of advocacy and campaigning (desirable).
– Knowledge of water and sanitation issues in eastern Ukraine (desirable).
– Knowledge of human rights and international humanitarian law frameworks (desirable).
– Ability to deliver creative outputs (essential).
– Ability to deliver in a timely manner and keeping stakeholders updated on any delays (essential).
– Ability to pay attention to details without losing the bigger picture (essential).
– Ability to think strategically and analytically and use sound judgment (essential).
– Ability to coordinate with of a group of member organisations, with tenacity and respect (essential).
– Proven ability to take personal initiative and work effectively as part of a team (essential).
– Computer skills (essential), designing and photo/video editing skills are a plus.
– Fluency in Ukrainian and Russian (essential); Good English (essential).

To apply for this assigment, please share your CV, cover letter and suggested rate for this assignment to camilla.corradin@peopleinneed.cz.