What are the mindset and identity of GCA/NGCA residents? — research

Donetsk regional organization of All-Ukrainian NGO “Committee of voters of Ukraine,” a Ukraine NGO Forum Member, presented research “Specific features of the mindset and identity of the residents of controlled and uncontrolled territories of Donetsk region,” conducted for Donbas Think Tank by the Ukrainian office of the international research agency IFAK Institut.

The research had two stages: qualitative research (focus groups, in-depth interviews) conducted in March, and quantitative research (survey) undertaken in June. During the face-to-face interviews with 18–65 years old residents of controlled (GCA) and uncontrolled territories (NGCA) of the Donetsk region, researchers worked on finding out if there are any differences in mindset and perception of the situation, and what in particular, between the residents of GCA and NGCA, that could appear during 2 years of the conflict.

The research depicts identity, social fears, foreign policy, comparing living conditions in Ukraine and “DPR” and other issues.

You can download the analytical report on the survey with conclusions and recommendations or read it online: