Try our new interactive burnout test and evaluate your burnout level

Are you burned out? Test yourself and only in 10 minutes you will know if you’re suffering from it.

Our latest research says that every third humanitarian worker struggles from professional burnout. Burnout can wreak havoc on your health, happiness, relationships and job performance.

Humanitarian work is physically and emotionally demanding. Many humanitarian workers struggle to find a healthy balance between demands of work and the need to pay some attention to one’s own well-being. That’s why Ukraine NGO Forum organized burnout prevention programs and trainings, followed by conducting comprehensive research of professional burnout phenomenon among humanitarian workers.

This research lasted for almost 4 months, it includes analysis of responses from over 420 NGO staff members from 31 cities. The research findings provide detailed information on main causes of burnout as well as recommendations how to identify, prevent and reduce burnout symptoms.

Try our new interactive burnout test and evaluate your burnout level.


The test was developed by Ukraine NGO Forum and supported by USAID / OFDA.